Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Gifts

It's Christmas once again! Christmas and gifts go together. The long tradition of giving and receiving gifts has become one of the most enjoyable aspects of Christmas. I felt timid  when my friends and acquaintances had given me Christmas gifts and I have nothing for them. They said it was fine but I could not resist thinking how I wish I had started looking for gifts as early as October so I might have something for them.

Santa came to town with a bountiful Christmas gifts for me. So I grabbed the camera and took some photos so I could post it here in my blog as my simple appreciation to all my friends and acquaintances who never failed to give me gifts this Yuletide season.


To all my friends and acquaintances, thank you so much for being Santa Claus. The True Miracle of CHRISTmas happens inside the Heart as we learn to share Christ's love and peace to others. I wish you all a Meaningful Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today's Flowers

I have found this interesting meme and I was inspired to join because I love flowers. And also in this simple way I may display my love and appreciation to God and in His wonderful creation. 

Here is my first entry for the meme "today's flowers". It is a Red Daisy from the garden of Mommy Corpuz taken last summer of 2008 in Batangas when I joined the summer outing of Medical Library Department.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HRD Christmas Party '09

We, at Human Resources Department had our dinner Christmas party celebration last December 22, 2009 at Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen, Commonwealth Branch.  We savored these yummy foods.

The eve is never complete without photo session of our Christmas Party celebration. Here are some photographs we had.

We went home laden with smiles and laughter as we commemorated the spirit of Yuletide season.
Merry Christmas to all!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Christmas Party of HPMA-NCR, Inc.

Christmas is never complete without parties and gift giving. This made the December 09, 2009 a day of celebration and merry-making for the Hospital Personnel Management Association - National Capital Region, Inc. The Christmas party was held at Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House located at 1717 Adriatico St., Malate, Manila. It is the only branch that serves Chinese cuisine & KTV in one. 

We enjoyed the goodness of authentic Chinese cuisine and savored the mouthwatering dishes like the all-time favorite pata tim w/ cuapao, oysters with tausi, squid with special sauce, steamed dumplings and many others.

It was a joyful celebration of a successful year and anticipation of more to come in 2010.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HITC Celebrates its 1st Christmas Party

A Christmas Party can be a major undertaking or an unassuming gathering of friends. It has been marked for its special meaning. The Christmas Party that was held last December 10, 2009 at DOLE-NCR Quezon City Field Office was the first Hospital Industry Tripartite Council (HITC) Christmas Party. And because the FEU-Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation is a member of the association, we have participated the event. Jasmin and I really enjoyed the party.

While waiting for the other guests and members, I had the time to take some pictures.

the welcome banner



The night echoed with laughter and merrymaking as everyone was simply in a jovial mood. There are parlor games, exchange gifts, raffle draws and singing Christmas carols contest to complete the night. Everyone went home laden with smiles and cheers that befit the Christmas season.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hanging Out with Friends

     Hanging out with my friends is one of the best bonding time to deepen more  our friendship. Not only we would enjoy the moment of being together, be it by dining, malling, travelling and watching movies, it would also the time of relaxation and treats for our body and mind from a stressful day of working. My best buddies in my workplace were assigned from different departments and others have different work shifts. Due to time constraint, getting a gimmick time together quite hard for us. But we'd managed it a couple of times. 
     The first was last April 30 of this year. We hung out at Trinoma Mall as per agreed. Though it wasn't perfect one because we're not really satisfied to the limited time we spent with, I'm still happy for the time we've been together. We dined at Congo Grille and enjoyed the crispy pata, pork sisig, sinigang na ulo ng salmon  sa miso, and then one nestea tower as drinks plus leche plan as dessert. To summed it up, it was really a great dinner then. With much gusto, we also ordered two buckets of San Mig Light with sizzling sisig and calamares as pulutan.
     We paused for a while just to have snapshots moment.

       Months have passed but we haven't planned yet when will be the next evening hang out. Until one day, I've got a feeling that the second chance of hanging out with my friends is coming. I asked my friends and suggested them what I'm planning. Surprisingly, the date I'd chosen to be the perfect movie date with them was accepted.
     Last November 25, 2009 as what we had agreed, we went to SM Fairview to watch the New Moon movie. Joy did not join with us because she's not feeling well.

our movie tickets

     Rachella and I had no photos taken near the movie house because we dropped in on Sun Cellular outlet to pay my monthly postpaid line and inquire some thing Rachella needs.
     After the movie we looked for a restaurant and agreed to eat at Buckaroo's Grilled Pizza & Burger.

We had meat platter (chicken, pork and beef ribs), rice, coleslaw, mixed vegetables, vanilla shake and iced tea for dinner. And we enjoyed it!


     After dinner we decided to go home. We made our way to a christmas decor and have a last minute of photo shoots.

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